Providing clear visibility into company operations using informative and easy to use management dashboards that provide accurate up-to-the-minute information.

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Authorizations & permissions are available in multiple levels allowing control over who has access to which data and when throughout value chain.

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Keep any eye on where you are compared to the best practices and spot any deviations for swift investigation and corrective action.

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Integration & Traceability

Complete traceability through seamless integration across all stages of the value chain.

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AbuErdan Empowers You!

Fully Utilize Breed Potential

Data analysis using computer systems permit more powerful decision supporting the sustainability and success of business.


Business continuity is of utmost importance. Complete automatic off-site backups are performed on daily basis to ensure that data is always available.

IOT & Cloud Enabled

Integration with Integratable controllers allowing automatic pulling of environmental data from farms and houses.

Systems Integration

Seamless integrations as a service between AbuErdan and other systems such as ERPs and accounting systems.


Empowering production managers with planning tools for their production in the entire poultry value chain.


Collect live daily data from farms and houses in a reliable fashion even in cases where connectivity is poor by providing applications that are designed to be resilient to intermittent connectivity and downtime.

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Signing up for the service takes 1 day.



Staff training takes a maximum of a couple of hours per module.


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Keep an eye on the performance of your operations.

What our customers said?

"I like its simple, clean, and easy to use design." Poultry Operations Manager
"From all the things I’ve seen, I never saw something like this" Country Manager
"I cannot imagine how someone could manage their operations without AbuErdan " Broilers Production Manager
  • Saved Hours

Saved Hours

Save significant number of hours from your staff’s valuable time.

Operations Manager

Farm Manager

Data Entry Employee

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Easy to Get Up-and-Running

On-farm personnel use an application that is designed with extreme ease of use as the primary goal to ease adoption by non-tech-savvy farm staff with minimal training. A poultry company can adopt the solution, start using it and be live in exactly 1 day including staff training.

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